In the place where peach blossoms are blooming (1)


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In the place where peach blossoms are blooming (1)

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What a powerful man, what a man's confession, such a very beautiful sentence, spoken in Sioux City's mouth, is as solemn and seductive as a wedding oath. After all, ginger is still old and hot. After Lu's mother was surprised for just a few seconds, she quickly turned into a mother-in-law who inspected her son-in-law: "The idea is good, and it is very feasible!"! However, our family is not looking for a man casually. I've never touched a man's hand since I was a kid. Sioux city black eyes gradually bright, can not help but see the eye small slow. The heroine still continues to play dead with a stiff expression. Sioux City smiled faintly and continued to listen to Lu's mother's pre-love education. Our family is small and slow, kind-hearted and lovely, and very soft-hearted. Indeed, it can be seen from the expression of a man who met that day and was afraid that he would get hurt. Our family is small and slow, and we never look at a man with good conduct. I don't need to look at anyone else except him. Our family is small and slow. Although it looks comely, it looks better and better. It's not just comely, it's the one that will make him inexplicably move. There's another one. Hmm? Sioux City bent down when Lu's mother gestured for him to put his ears closer. Still have, our home is small slow, have bosom waist thin, the skin is white, the buttock is big again, assure good unripe raise! Xiao Huan, who was pretending to be dead, was finally strongly embarrassed. Mom,stesweet stevia, why are you talking so loudly! Just now she secretly opened her eyes a slit, just in time to see her mother make a gesture to Sioux City. Just as he wanted to open his ears carefully to listen to what his mother said to him, he did not expect that his mother would "quietly" tell him with such a full and magnificent voice. Then why did she make that gesture? God, God, how can she continue to face Sioux City! Unlike Xiao Bai's dull mouth, Sioux City smiled gracefully at Lu's mother: "Thank you aunt for telling me." Mother Lu was so elated that she struck while the iron was hot and continued to ask him, "Do you have a car or a house, son?" But secretly thought, if it is really no big deal to struggle for a few more years,naringenin price, many rich people, handsome men are hard to find ah! Sioux City did not answer this time, but Xiao Bai took the initiative to answer for him. Aunt, do you know who he is? He was one of the top ten outstanding young people selected by the B city TV station last year, and the things in the garage were nothing to him. He's a God. Oh, no! He is the electricity, he is the light, he is the only myth, he is all the B city women drool but can not get the man, and he is all the men shed all the tears can not become a good man! In one breath, I felt my heart surging. Sioux City glanced at him faintly and let him continue to surge. Chengcheng, are you satisfied with what I did? Although Xiao Bai's description is too exaggerated, and the expression is very two, but he said the top ten outstanding young people, Lu mother can clearly hear. Top ten outstanding young people, B city will be selected once a year, carnosic acid price ,lutein eye complex, can enter the candidate list are some young people with high attainments in various industries, what is the most lacking in the 21st century? Talent! Such a handsome young man is actually a big talent, the most important thing is that this talent likes her daughter ah! She was really satisfied, so satisfied! As the saying goes, when a mother-in-law looks at her son-in-law, the more she looks at him, the more satisfied she is. Because she is too satisfied, Lu's mother has completely ignored what her daughter thinks. In order to create opportunities for her daughter and such an excellent young man, Lu's mother took the thermos pot from Xiao Bai's hand and handed it to Sioux City, picked up Xiao Bai's collar and walked out. Xiao Bai, go shopping with your aunt. Leave the space for her dear daughter and the lovely town. After Xiao Bai was dragged out, he looked back again and again with nostalgia. Sioux City was so strong that it was done in a short time. Oh, no, it was conquered by Lu's mother. In order to be able to get out of the clutches of Lu's mother, and then lie back outside the ward to have a look, Xiao Bai smiled ingratiatingly. Aunt, you must be very satisfied with Sioux City, right? "Nonsense!" Continue to drag Xiao Bai along the corridor. Aunt, congratulations on finding a satisfactory son-in-law. From then on, he can also escape from the bitter sea of being twisted. As a result, Lu's mother's hand twisted his waist very quickly.
"You are a stupid child. Did you insert the door at random?" Xiao Bai's tears were about to fall out, and he sniffed with infinite sorrow: "Auntie, didn't you say you wanted me to insert the door upside down?" "Can that be the same?" Mother Lu raised her chin slightly and smiled at the wrinkles around her eyes. "We Xiaocheng are so excellent, how can we insert the door like you?"? A good man has to be upright! Finished, but also looked at Xiao Bai with regret: "Xiao Bai Na, not aunt said you, do not think all day some unreliable, inverted into the door?"? One word, vulgar! Xiao Bai finally burst into tears, aunt, do not take this ah, you are discriminating against my young man pure heart. Then, Xiao some people began to counterattack eventually: "Auntie, you are to like Fang Yun, like Sioux City again this time." Mother Lu clapped her fat hands and said, "What's the matter?"! I'd like to! "So Fang Yun just blew it up?" "Blow!"! It has to blow! A small town is enough for our daughter. Xiao Bai nodded, the woman's heart change is fast ah, but he is also to help ease the small Sioux City, ah ha ha ha, he is really dedicated to friendship, so great ah. Although the old and the young thought of different things, they all strode out with smiling eyes, completely unaware of a gray figure that suddenly stopped. Lu mother and Xiao Bai's departure, so that the ward once again only a small relief Sioux City. This time, it was impossible for her to pretend to be dead again, because when she opened her eyes and looked, he just looked over with a smile on his face. Caught off guard, her shyness and hesitation all fell into his eyes, and the certainty and tenderness of his face were seen by her. Nevertheless, she could not believe that what the man had just said was true? But isn't he the famous Sioux City? B city's most promising man, handsome and refined temperament of a man,turmeric extract powder, such a man will like her? Want to be her.. Man, no matter how you look at her, it's too unreal.


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